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Color Matching Tool

Color Matching Tool

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Are you color challenged when it comes to selecting fabrics to make eye-popping quilts that just screams "gorgeous"?

Do you have a pattern you love but feel overwhelmed by all the choices at the fabric store?

Do you have a stash full of fabric that you want to utilize better by finding just the right color to pull out for a project?

Some quilters (right-brain dominant) have a natural 'eye' or intuition for matching complimentary colors, while other quilters (left-brain dominant) can execute complex geometric piecing yet be totally clueless when it comes to color. If you fit the latter category, then this tool is for you!

Here's how it works:

1. Start by choosing the card that most closely matches the main color of your project. On that card, also decide what will be the main tone of your project within that card.

2. Look on the back of the card to find what colors are complimentary to your main color. Now look within those cards to find the squares with the corresponding tone as your main color.

3. Once you have 'named' all the colors/tone in your project's pallette, you can then take the card deck and use the color squares to match up fabric from your stash or the fabric store.

Made of: Paper and Plastic
Use: Color Tool
Size: 3.25in x 8in
Included: One Tool

From C & T Publishing
By Wolfrom, Joen
In Sewing Accessories



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